Why is Sri Lanka a top offshore location for global companies?

There are a number of reasons multinational firms such as Microsoft, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Intel choose Sri Lanka for offshore services.

From cost savings to the ability to tap into a well-educated workforce, Sri Lanka is rapidly cementing it’s reputation for quality offshoring services.

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4 reasons Sri Lanka should be your first option for offshore services:

High-quality Education

Sri Lanka has a high ratio of undergraduates and postgraduates making it a competitive talent pool to choose from. There is also an established workforce of chartered accountants with extensive work-experience.

Access to an educated and capable workforce

Sri Lanka has a 96.3% literacy rate, allowing you to tap into a skilled and competitive workforce In fact, there is a large pool of skilled, qualified chartered accountants with global experience.

Stable mobile and internet infrastructure

Which means better connectivity and less down-time. The country has a 95% island-wide 4G coverage providing your team with the tools they need to maximise productivity.

English Proficiency

Sri Lanka is a Commonwealth country, which means the laws and regulations are very similar to those in the UK, Australia, Canada and NZ. Communication will not be a problem – all our staff are proficient in English.

Experienced offshore staff that can save you time and money.

Offshoring can be a great way to cut costs and improve efficiency in your business, and Sri Lanka is actively pursuing a place on the global outsourcing stage. 

Already recognised as a ‘top destination’ for offshoring, the Sri Lankan government has made it priority to improve their reputation for delivering quality outsourced services.

Ease of doing business

Sri Lanka has seen notable improvements in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index, rising 11 spots to stand among the top 100 nations across 190 countries.

This places Sri Lanka 13th within Asia for overall business-friendliness and establishes it as a solid contender on an international level.

World-class IP Protections

With world class intellectual property protection regimes and efficient IT infrastructure, the country is becoming a veritable hub for digital capabilities.

It even ranks 7th globally in terms of affordable data connection.

South Asia’s new financial and commercial hub

South Asia is set to see a new financial and commercial heart with Sri Lanka’s $1.4 billion Colombo Port City development project on the horizon.

The project is expected to see Colombo rivalling cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Investment in innovation

The Sri Lankan government is striving to strengthen its international presence and export capabilities through the National Export Strategy.

Aiming for a future of innovation, investment, and growth in exports over the next five years, this ambitious plan will position Sri Lanka as an important regional hub with global influence.

Quality Without the Price Tag.

Sri Lanka is the optimal destination for businesses wanting to take advantage of cost-saving solutions in today’s competitive market.

Our customised services provide your firm with an unmatched advantage to scale and grow – from dependable internet connections to longer job commitment rates than other destinations.

Unlock the potential of your business with our tailor-made services packages!